What Is Chiropractic?

When spinal bones become “misaligned” due to stress and trauma, the spinal cord and spinal nerves can get “pinched”.  This causes dysfunction (sickness, disease, and pain) to the body parts that are controlled by the “pinched” nerves. Chiropractic is the science, art and philosophy of moving spinal bones (called an adjustment) back into their original position so that the delicate nerves that control the body can function without interference. The body can only  heal when it is free of that interference.

What is the popping noise that results from a chiropractic adjustment ?

The noise is simply gas being released from the joints…irritating noise maybe…but no harm is done to the body. The myth that this causes arthritis is just that …a myth.

Can you help me?

YES I CAN ! I do not claim to be able to “cure” all of your health issues…But I can help you reach a higher level of health than you are currently at. We will do this optimizing your nerve system function, guiding you on nutritional choices, helping you stay active, and helping you maintain a positive outlook. This will allow your body to heal and repair itself!      And IF I can’t help you …I will help you find someone who can!

Do you take my insurance?

YES! We are a provider for several insurance companies and we will submit claims on your behalf for almost all others. Because every policy is different, we will need to get your insurance information from your card so that we can call your insurance carrier to verify benefits for you. We will then let you know what your coverage will look like before starting care. This way you will never get a surprise bill from us.

What is involved with the first visit?

First we will have you fill out some paperwork. The doctor will then go over your health history so we can uncover the “cause” of your health issue. We may order X-Rays or MRI’s as needed depending on the findings. We will schedule a follow up visit to give you the doctors report of findings.

I’m not sure if you can help me…Is there a fee for an initial consultation?

NO! there is never a fee for an initial consult with the doctor. The initial consultation is a brief meeting with the doctor to determine if this office is a good fit for both the doctor and patient.
If you decide to take next step of a complete exam, then we will discuss those fees before going any further.

How much will it cost to help me?

Since every patient has a unique set of circumstances in regards to their health, the only way to give you an accurate estimate is to have the doctor take a full history and do a thorough exam to determine what must be done to help you. Since each care plan is customized to your health needs and goals, it is hard to answer that question without more information from you. Please note that we will NOT start care until you are fully aware of any and all fees involved.

I don’t have insurance…Do you have cash plans?

Our fees are very reasonable and we offer several different payment options as well.  We will always let you know what your care will cost BEFORE starting anything. Approximately 75% of our patients are “cash “ patients as a result of no insurance or very high deductibles.

Do you work on children?

ABSOLUTELY! Children are subjected to some very serious stresses. Think of all the falls that young kids take, the sports injuries, even the birth process itself can be traumatic. Children respond very well to our specific pediatric chiropractic care. You will find that most chiropractic kids are much healthier as a result of regular wellness care.

If I start going to a chiropractor, do I have to go for the rest of my life?

That choice is always up to you! Some patients are looking for short term relief care. Others are looking for something more long term to satisfy their desire to remain optimally healthy for a lifetime. Once our patients have experienced our corrective care program and our philosophy of wellness, they usually want to continue on the road to better health and make our wellness care part of their wellness routine. Regular wellness care will help you stay optimally healthy. Just like proper nutrition, regular exercise, and regular trips to the dentist. However if your only goal is to feel better in the moment, then we can certainly help you achieve that objective. Whether you stay for a week or a lifetime…we are here to help you live life to the fullest!

Why do so many chiropractors have you coming back forever?

Because We Care! The truth is that spinal health, like any other preventative maintenance program, requires ongoing attention. Just like changing the oil in your car, brushing your teeth, or working out at a health club. The reality is that I see people every day who chose not to take care of their spine. When they are in their 60’s they all wish someone would have encouraged them to “Maintain” their spinal health and not just treat the symptoms. The bottom line is that if you don’t maintain proper alignment in your spine, then your spine will decay and degenerate prematurely, causing much more serious problems later in life. How much you choose to benefit from what we have to offer is always up to you!

Why should my kids be adjusted?

Our hope is that every child is checked on a regular basis for misalignments (called subluxations) in their spines. Children fall, play sports, and as a result they cause subluxations in their spines. When uncorrected, these subluxations destroy the spine and begin creating sickness and organ disease in our kids. The spine and nerves control EVERYTHING in the body…therefore we need a healthy spine to enjoy optimal health.