About the Doctor:


Dr. John Himley

Dr. Himley grew up in Schaumburg, IL. He attended Illinois Sate University and earned a teaching degree in biology, chemistry, and physics. He  taught  high school science for three years until his health issues would lead him to chiropractic care and a new direction in life. In December of 1994,  He graduated from the National College of Chiropractic.  Since then he has attended many postgraduate workshops in the fields of spinal biomechanics, pediatrics, neurology, nutrition, food allergy/sensitivity and whiplash. Over the years he has been involved in  many community service projects as well as supporting youth sports.

My Soul Purpose is to help people to live healthier lives through healthier living by incorporating the five key pieces to the health puzzle. These include maintaining a properly functioning nerve system through spinal health, proper nutrition, moderate exercise, proper sleep, and having a great attitude at all times.

My Story…It’s not a job…It’s a Mission! 

For two years I suffered from chronic bronchitis. I coughed all day and night, had a sore throat and a low grade fever, and just felt exhausted all the time.  I moved from doctor to doctor trying to find someone to help me. The only ‘treatment” I received was ongoing antibiotic therapy…which did nothing! After many failed attempts with modern medicine, I began to ask the question…Why am I sick?  I needed to find “the cause” of my health issue. I was 25 years old and had the lung problems of an 80 year old!  One day a friend invited me to learn about the benefits he was receiving from his chiropractor. Within a short time of having my upper back vertebrae re-aligned  I was feeling “back to normal” again! I was so impressed with the results that I realized that I needed to share this with others. Within a couple of months I quit my teaching job and went back to school for another 4 years to become a chiropractor. Because of specific chiropractic care and nutrition modification, I have not had bronchitis or taken an antibiotic in 25 years!

I wonder where my health would be if I had not made a different choice. Would I be on medication for lung problems for the rest of my life, would I need to carry an oxygen tank like so many others,  would I even be alive today?

Thanks to the chiropractic wellness lifestyle I get to enjoy a life of abundant health.

I would love to share that with you and your family!