Creating Wellness


Where are you headed? To the cruise ships or the nursing home?
Everyone says that they want to enjoy their retirement years, yet statistics show that most Americans will spend every dollar that they have saved trying to get their health back later in life.
Because most people were never taught how to maintain their most valuable asset...Their health!

Dr. Himley has spent a lifetime studying the body and what it takes to stay well.

Let us help you live better so that you can enjoy the cruise ships in your golden years!

5 Pillars of health


There are 5 major areas that must be addressed in order to achieve a higher state of well being:

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Spinal Balance and Alignment

Abnormal balance and alignment of your spine affects how your brain and nerve system works.
Your brain communicates with every part of your body by sending nerve signals down your spine.
Unhealthy spine = Unhealthy you

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What you eat

The food you eat will have a huge impact on your health!
Choose organic, avoid added sugar, avoid chemicals.


Some form of movement or exercise is critical to keep the body strong and flexible

Rest / Sleep

Getting Proper sleep and rest is critical for optimal mental health.


Attitude is everything. Do things you love to do...It's what creates a positive attitude and happiness.